“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist.”

~ Schumann ~




Kim Sitárih van Luijtelaar is a very passionate female artistic photographer.


Behind the picture
With her work she tries to reveal fragility and strength.  She does this by placing the models in a powerful and personal concept, often fantasy related. The characters in every picture tell a story. It is up to the spectator to decide what the story is. Sitárih has her own story for each picture and why she created them. But she rather keeps it to her self so the viewer’s story is not influenced and remains unique and personal. She believes that these stories, these imaginations, make a connection with the soul. If the story is liked, the heart follows. And this brings light. Sitárih’s concepts are formed by visions, (day)dreams and thoughts at night. In these moments the soul is free and imagination, the eye of the soul, looks at the world and her possibilities.

Next to photography, Sitárih is also responsible for styling and decoration. She even makes handmade costumes to complete her vision if necessary. After taking pictures, digital enhancement in Photoshop follows. This leads to the final touch until a picture and a story is finished.

Sitárih has a passion for the world of spirituality and magic; the Fantasy World. Most of her images are strongly coloured and have high contrasts. These are of big influence on how the pictures “feel”. Her specialty lies in Fantasy Art. Next to this she has developed beautiful work in beauty and fashion photography. All in her unique style.

Behind Sitárih
Sitárih learned the techniques and lighting at the School for Photography in the Netherlands. After this she developed herself into the creative artist that she is today. Next to being a photographer, Kim is a single mum of two children and has a “normal” job to see in their needs. She hopes that her days will become filled with photography. Making art and speak from soul to soul. Let men and women see their inner strength and fragility. Let them cry by acknowledging that they are beautiful. But most of all, creating stories. Creating light.