Sitárih Creations

Kim van Luijtelaar


A wake-up call to every woman to freakin start loving your body! Start looking at it, believing and adoring the real thing!

Being a middle -aged woman of 40 years young, Sitárih is just like any other woman struggling with everything that happens with the female body by simply living. She came to a point that she got sick and tired trying to work up to a standard that was just killing all the fun in life! And for what?! Yes, we are all indoctrinated into what beauty should be, the kind of beauty that gives a certain power, attention and fills the emptiness… Well, that’s just bullocks! That emptiness is something we create ourselves, by believing that beauty is what is shown to us. Imprints that are fixed in our brains by long lost times combined with today's media. So, Sitárih decided it was time to change that and put some everyday extraordinary women on the stage to show REAL feminine beauty. With all their curves, stretch marks, loose skin, wrinkles, scarves and whatever marks our own personal canvas.

She and all the participants made the kick-off to a change of view on the female body and are the advocate fighting for “normal” women who are embracing themselves and feeling sexy, beautiful and love worthy.

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