Sitárih Creations

Kim van Luijtelaar



Behind Sitárih
Sitárih is a Persian name and means Star. Stars produce light so becoming a photographer it was only natural to accept her second birth name as her artist name. Next to being a photographer, Kim is a single mum of two children and has a “normal” job to see in their needs.

Sitárih learned the techniques and lighting at the School for Photography in the Netherlands. After this she developed herself into the creative artist that she is today. After taking the pictures digital enhancement in Photoshop follows. 

Next to the photography Sitárih is also responsible for styling and decoration. She makes handmade costumes to complete her vision if necessary. For some shoots a makeup artist is a very much appreciated partner in creating what she has in mind.  

Charity & TFP
Sitárih likes to use her talent for a greater good. Charity work is most certainly important for her to keep her passion alive. Just like creative photoshoots with several professionals to make a beautiful image (TFP). Interested in working with her or want to know more about the charity opportunities? Do not hesitate to use the 
contact option!